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Committee - Sneha

Sneha :- This flagship and dream project, started in 1987, aimed at providing a safe haven for children with special needs. Two coordinators oversee the running of Sneha where around 25 dedicated,sincere and selfless volunteers try to bring out the hidden talents of these differently gifted children. Two trained teachers and two helpers, along with the volunteers, strive, individually and collectively, to acquire functional literacy and to acquire applied daily living skills. A lot of emphasis is given to discipline and these children are taught socially accepted behaviour. Outdoor picnics and educational tours take away the monotony of daily reading and writing routine, along with various activities like dance, cooking ,painting and art & craft. All in all, an average day at Sneha is always abuzz with constant activity and keeps the children constantly stimulated and motivated. A lot of work, planning and effective execution goes into the successful running of Sneha, a work done with loving sincerity of this subcommittee. Truely it can be said, without any doubt that this Subcommittee actually lives the motto of ILA- "Service without self"

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