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Message From The President

  • Message from Hon. President Nivedita Dutta.

    I am humbled and honored for this opportunity bestowed on me to serve as The President of one of the most respected charitable organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Indian Ladies Association. I am deeply moved with the confidence ILA have shown on me for the second time.

    Having served on various committees in different positions before and being an active member of ILA for the last 15 years, I know well how working for the ILA enriches all those who are associated with it.

    It's fascinating how we set out to change the world and end up changing our own lives. You want to make the world a better place and you make your world a better place. And you reap the rich rewards of sisterhood, friendship, respect and appreciation among women from all communities.

    We have selected a theme that will guide all our endeavours during our term. For us, that theme will be "Togetherness".Togetherness and Friendship are the foundation stone upon which we can raise the fortress of world peace and in our own unique way, we want to start on what we cricket-loving Indians recognize as a "solid wicket" – the strong bonds of mutual respect, affection and understanding among all our members and the entire Community in Kingdom of Bahrain that will lead ILA into the 59th year successfully.

    And then there is Sneha – our pride and our joy. This special centre for our very special children is a place where our volunteers, teachers and yes, even ILA members who help with fund-raising and support, come together with the children of special needs on their journey towards an empowered life. Now in its 27th joyful year, Sneha is a free centre for children of all nationalities who have special needs. We support children with a wide range of special needs ranging from autism to Down Syndrome and other conditions that make it difficult for them to integrate in regular schools. We learn from the courage and spirit of our Sneha children and are everyday amazed at their will to squeeze the best out of life!

    We welcome new members to our charmed ILA circle. Do call 39052736 to join us.

    I, on behalf of the team promise that we will try our best to achieve the objectives of ILA through our activities, friendship and togetherness. We look forward to the support and well wishes of all in this beautiful Island Kingdom to achieve our goal.

    Nivedita Dutta (Hon. President for 2014-2015)

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