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About Indian Ladies Association write up

The Indian Ladies Association widely known as ILA has been a much-admired part of the fabric of life in Bahrain. ILA was founded by Late Mrs. Leela Jashanmal and a few enterprising ladies in 1956. ILA has always been committed to serving the community. This commitment is best expressed in it's motto "SERVICE BEFORE SELF". Wherever and whenever a helping hand is needed, either in Bahrain, or even far from Bahrain's shores, the members of ILA are in the forefront volunteering and raising funds. Whether it is through shows or showcasing the best of India and the world's cultural heritage, ILA's impeccable style, efficiency and the numbers of good causes that it has supported have made this organization a well-respected edifice in Bahrain's cultural and socialscene.

An elected body of nine members along with various sub-committees like Sneha, Workers' Welfare, Community Service, Youth Wing, Good Home, Speak Easy, Beauty &Health and Fun & Games run the regular activities of the association. The main focus of the executive committee is to raise funds for its various wings and the sub-committees keep the monthly activities and other community services going.

But what makes ILA proud and respected in the community is our centre for the children with special needs SNEHA -- means tender love ''..

Our pride is the Sneha Recreation Centre for children with special needs established in December 1987. Sneha, meaning "Tender love" provides the differently abled children a congenial, recreational and educational environment. Sneha is approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Bahrain and is run free of cost for the children. Centre works five days a week and operates from the Flat at Hoora. Sneha is funded only through donations and fund-raising programs organized by the Indian Ladies Association.

ILA's monthly meetings normally address matters of common interest to members.Organizing free medical camps for the expatriate laborers, celebrating Workers' day by inviting around 2000 workers and providing them with food & entertainmenthave become annual events. Spoken English classes are conducted by volunteers for the low-income group who wish to improve their communication skills. Homecooked meals are provided to various labor camps. Community Service Group visitsGeriatric Homes, Childcare Homes, and Hospitals, organizes blood donation camps andhelps the needy individuals as and when the need arises.

Our members meet once a month to bond with each other and strengthen this unique network of talented, energetic and innovative women. We host beautifully-organized showpiece fundraisers and events like the annual Dandiya which are a tribute to Indian culture and our organizational skills.

To join the ILA and do service------------------------------------ ? Call 17531468 for details.

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